Coating & Plating Quality

Every coated or plated fastener is subjected to a rigorous quality process that includes:
  • Surface cleaning - metal surfaces are cleaned by chemical or thermal degreasing process.
  • Surface blast - metal surfaces are abrasive blast as required.
  • Basecoat application - all surfaces are coated with phosphate, sacrificial zinc base coat, primer, or ceramic metallic base-coat per the customer specification.
  • Top-coat application - all surfaces are sprayed with a Fluoropolymer® topcoat for a total dry film thickness of 1 to 1 ½ mil.
  • Thermal cure - parts are thermally cured in controlled ovens per manufacturer’s procedures to insure corrosion protection and adhesion.
LoneStar Fasteners proves the quality of its products by providing in-house salt fog testing in compliance to the requirements of ASTM B-117. With the capability to produce 10 tons per shift, we remove coated and plated samples from daily production and place them in the salt spray cabinet to insure that every bolt meets our standards.