We maintain an inventory of standard commercial ASTM, SAE fasteners and manufactured products to your specifications. These include A-307 grade A and B bolts, structural bolts (A-325), square head machine bolts, SAE grade 5 and 8 hex cap screws, carriage bolts, lag screws, nuts, washers, socket products, and all types of screws.

We also stock standard and custom U-bolts, eye bolts, and anchor bolts per customer's requirements.

Processes including drilling, machining, boring and tapping, interference thread, nylon pin and patch can be added to any product.

Headed Bolts Washers
Riser Bolts F436 Hardened Structural Washers
Bonnet Bolts A325 Load Indicator Washers
Carriage Bolts A307B A325 Bevel Washers
Square Head Machine Bolts USS Flat Washers
Heavy Hex Bolts SAE Flat Washers
Hex Head Cap Screws MA and AN Washers
Fender Washers
Stud Bolts Split Lock Washers
A193 B7 All Thread Double End Studs Tooth Lock Washers
A320 L7 All Thread Studs High Collar Lock Washers
A193 B16 All Thread Studs Bevel Washers
A193 B8 and B8M All Thread Studs Belleville Washers
A193 B7M All Thread Double End Studs  
Nuts Socket Head Cap Screws
Finished Hex Nuts Socket Set Screws
Heavy Hex Nuts Square Head Set Screws
Hex Machine Screw Nut Socket Shoulder Screws
Cap Nuts Socket Pipe Plugs
Coupling Nuts  
Tee Nuts Miscellaneous
Kep Nuts Nylon Insert Locknuts
Wing Nuts Steel Locknuts
Jam Nuts, Finished and Heavy Cotter Pins
Slotted Nuts and Castle Nuts Dowel Pins
  >Eye Bolts
  >Hanger Bolts
  Blind Rivets
  Headless Set Screws