At LoneStar Fasteners, we are proud of our Quality Program and the reputation that it has brought us. The foundations of our outstanding quality program are the procedures that have been certified to the following criteria:

ISO 9001:2008
BS 5750
MIL 45208
Member affiliations include: ASTM, NACE, API, AWHEM, VMA, PVF Round Table, SAE, ASM, DIN, PESA, ISO and ASME/ANSI Sai Global Certificado Registratorio.

Our commitment to quality products is reflected in the in-house testing laboratory used to mechanically test fasteners for tensile and proof strength, and includes:
  • Metallurgical examination using Leica microscope and Struers software.
  • Heat treating and material testing
  • Full mechanical testing (tensile/proof to 300,000lbs.)
  • Spectrometer testing and full elemental chemistry.
  • Charpy impact testing to -150º F
  • Salt spray testing per ASTM B-117
  • Hardness testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Eddy Current)
  • 3 digit heat code traceability
  • Access to all material test reports (MTR) on our web site
Procedures for conformance testing of materials have been developed to insure:
  • Mechanical and chemical integrity of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Adherence to ASTM, customers and other standards
  • To identify the quality of our vendors.
SPC Gauging System at the point of manufacture. Dimensional tolerances are set in a narrow range to assure accuracy. Direct recording of gauge readings to our computer enables us to analyze trends in die wear and eliminate non-conformances.

All studs are stamped with a three digit code for heat code traceability. This heat code is accessible by LoneStar customers through our web site, by using a unique password, and MTR’s can be printed anywhere in the world.

We welcome all audits interested in validating our quality program.